Gastronauts in Milan

Food, food and food again. Food and cooking have now become everyone’s love, an essential element that no one can do without. Now, with friends, we talk more about food than the rest! If we are at the table we all take pictures of delicacies and post on Instagram (foodporn!)
Just turn on the television and you see dozens and dozens of food programs, and as a result sometimes you don’t have time to finish the program you’re already starting to eat.
Milan is a big city, this is why you can find any kind of food, but it’s better to start with the great typical dishes, the backbone of the menu for foreign guests.
For rice lovers, on the menu there is the “risotto alla milanese” which is a famous yellow dish because of saffron use.
Meat, on the other hand, is the protagonist of the casoeûla, a strong and substantial dish that is the protagonist of numerous autumn festivals, made up of the poorest cuts of pork and the cabbage; we cannot forget the Milanese schnitzel, the most traditional one is bony and quite high, whereas the sister called “elephant ear” is as thin as a thin slice of cheese! We don’t like imitations and the real one can only be found in Milan.
As for the dessert, the king is the panettone (we also invented a Re Panettone event, which hosts the best pastry chefs in Italy); in Milan it is not a simple tradition, it is the quintessential characteristic dessert in Milan. There is a real school of thought (and palate) that in the Christmas chatter materializes in the question “who do you take it from?
Our city is multicultural and its restaurants are the clear demonstration of this: let’s just mention a few because otherwise the list would be endless! We will start with sushi (Chinese / Japanese cuisine) which is loved by most young people.
Speaking of China, there is a neighborhood in Milan – Via Paolo Sarpi – called “China Town” where you can find many Asian delicacies (Chinese, Japanese, Thai).
A few years ago, the American fast food (Jollibee, Red Flag, CooCoo and Bulaluhan), American (FiveGuys, Domino’s Pizza, Mama Burger) have become numerous. The Turks are playing separately with rotisseries that present different types of kebabs, falafels, etc.
We can eat Eritrean in the neighborhood of Porta Venezia, South American in Via Padova but also Lebanese, Russian, Afghan, whatever cuisine is present without forgetting the Italian tradition in general and in particular Campania and Puglia.
Buon Appetito … and take pictures of the dishes, please!

M.Andriani, M.Cacchione, R.Medina, C.Abital


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