“Polentoni” just in words

Milan, the metropolis of northern Italy, offers a wide variety of sports that can be practiced indoors or outdoors: football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, tennis, athletics tracks, racetracks, velodrome and cycle paths for the less athletics.

Milan is famous because it hosts one of the largest stadiums in Europe and among the most famous in the world, is the Giuseppe Meazza and known by the Milanese as San Siro. The two city teams that are Milan and Inter play in it, sometimes the Italian national team plays there, but it is also used for concerts and various events. This stadium has a capacity of 80,000 spectators and was inaugurated in 1926. In the same neighbourhood, near the stadium, we find the San Siro racecourse, where horse racing competitions take place; it was inaugurated in 1920 and has a capacity of 20,000 spectators. The emblem of the Milan gallop temple is Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse. This year in Milan for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death there are many celebrations.

Basketball is a sport much followed by the Milanese thanks to the “Olimpia Milano” team that wears the red and white colors. It is one of the most admired and winning in Europe and stronger than Italy; in its palmares it boasts 28 championships and 6 Italian Cups. The Palazzetto, the Mediolanum Forum, is located in Assago, in the southern outskirts of the city.

Rugby is very popular in Milan and is practiced by the boys in the camps located in the suburbs. However, the first city team performed at the Arena Civica, formerly the Napoleonic Amphitheater, today a national monument, protected by the Superintendency of Fine Arts; it has a capacity of 10,000 spectators. The building has the shape of an amphitheater, inspired by the Colosseum of Rome.

Currently the boys of many schools in the city and the surroundings of Milan compete here by participating in sports games and holding athletic or gymnastics rallies.

The team that represents the city of Milan in the field of volleyball is called “Volley Milan” founded in 1999, its field is located in Assago (same stadium as basketball). He has a lot of fans because of the numerous titles he has won and for the tournaments with a positive outcome.

The sporting symbol of Milan is the “Stramilano”, a marathon to which anyone can participate by running 21km – the classic Stramilano – or the Stramilanina of 10 km or the Half Marathon. Thousands of Italian and international athletes and thousands of passionate marathon runners take to the streets. The route is open to everyone, without any limitation.

For cycling, when the Giro d’Italia takes place (a cycling race that should cross the whole of Italy) there is a section that goes from Sanremo to Milan, where cyclists cross the city centre. In Milan many indoor sports and private gyms are practiced – e.g. GetFit, Jet Fit, Virgin Active – are capillaries on the territory as well as the communal swimming pools where to practice competitive spirit or simple courses of swimming and that during the summer open the external spaces for the suntan.

In Milan you can use public parks where people often jog and run along the park path, in some parks there are tools where you can train. The parks where these activities take place are Idroscalo, Parco Nord, Parco Sempione and Parco Forlanini.

Often during the weekend or when it is hot, the Milanese take the opportunity to take the bicycle and take long rides throughout the city, sometimes using the equipment (helmet and anti-fall suit), but spent doing it at their own risk.

A.Palmieri, C.Rademaker, S.Sgamellotti, L.Trivinos


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